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Polyblend PB Series

This original PolyBlend® PB Series unit offers more for less by providing a compact design and maximum polymer activation with an innovative multi-zone mix chamber that provides uniform dispersion energy at the moment of initial wetting.

The PB is lighter than most other polymer feeders, making it ideal for portable use or where intermittent use requires the system to be stored in one location and used in another. Various models cover a polymer solution flow range up to 4800 l/h. Unlike most polymer feeders, the PB series works equally well at very low flow rates.

Liquid polymer dosing




PB Series product guide PDF

The PolyBlend® PB polymer feed system uses patented multi-zone mixing. The first zone exposes the polymer to a high energy environment to minimize agglomeration.

Reduced mixing energy in the second zone protects the fragile polymer chains from fracturing, making more polymer available

for work. The baffling is designed to create a tapered mixing regime.