PolyBlend® HMZ Liquid Feed Systems

The PolyBlend® systems are automated polymer feed systems for precise control and economical performance of liquid grade polymers. Polyelectrolytes require specifically designed energy regimes during preparation to attain the correct physiochemical state in solution to perform the tasks they were designed for.

That’s why the PolyBlend® automated polymer feed systems provide precise, programmable control of dosing rate, dilution levels, retention time and energy. With this exclusive control of these process variables you can be sure your polymers have the ideal mixing environment. That means you get the maximum yield efficiency from any polymer.

Polyblend HMZ

The PolyBlend® PB Series liquid polymer feed system is the most popular polymer feed system offered with over 10,000 units in service worldwide. The PolyBlend® PB Series System combines years of technical expertise with simple operation to provide and inexpensive means to maximize polymer activation. The compact design of the PolyBlend® PB Series System provides easy installation. The corrosion resistant, stainless steel chassis houses the lightweight, portable system, allowing for easy mobility. The simple-to-use electronic controls and adjustable flow meter permit precise water control for a variety of solution concentrations. In addition, the PB Series is designed with an optional secondary flow meter and static mixer for additional post-dilution.

The PolyBlend M Series

The PolyBlend® M Series liquid polymer feed system is the best product available to handle your liquid/solid separation needs. The M Series combines proven motorized mixing technology with precise controls to provide superior polymer preparation. In addition, the M Series can be configured with a variety of pump offerings, variable speed mixing and automatic dosage control with constant solution strength to meet a wide range of polymer feed application requirements.

The M Series units are also available for classified area environments including Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2 areas.