Polymer Feed (Polyblend®)

Since 1982 the PolyBlend® Series remains the leader in automated polymer blending feed systems. Our proprietary designs feature two stage mechanical mixing with shear velocities designed for optimum initial wetting followed by dissolution to utilise the full polymer activation and reduce chemical cost.

PolyBlend® DP Series

(Dry Polymer Feed System)

The PolyBlend®DP Series is the finest dry polymer feed system available by reducing polymer consumption by 25% or more while substantially improving polymer performance in terms of sludge dryness, solids capture, water clarity, drainage / retention, or any other measure.

THE HMZ PolyBlend®

(Liquid polymer units)

The PolyBlend®systems are automated polymer feed systems for precise control and economical performance of liquid grade polymers. Polyelectrolytes require specifically designed energy regimes during preparation to attain the correct physiochemical state in solution to perform the tasks they were designed for.


PolyBlend® equipment can prepare polymer solutions with broad range and programmability. Whether your selected polymer is dry (granular) or liquid (emulsion, dispersion, or mannich solution), we can select to fit your needs. The range of installations is broad. Systems have been installed in virtually all water, wastewater and reuse applications for municipal and industrial users. Many non-water applications have also been designed and installed.

The PolyBlend® polymer mixing and feed systems offer precise control of dosing rate, dilution level, mixing time, and energy. Our design controls mixing and wetting energy intensity in two stages to optimise polymer performance and provides maximum economy and value in the use of polymers.