PolyBlend® DP Series

Dry Feed Systems

The PolyBlend® DP Series is the finest dry polymer feed system available by reducing polymer consumption by 25% or more while substantially improving polymer performance in terms of sludge dryness, solids capture, water clarity, drainage / retention, or any other measure.

DP 110 Dry Polymer Feed System outperforms all other designs in head-to-head trials. PolyBlend® DP systems have an unmatched reputation for reliability. While dry polymer feed systems are notoriously high maintenance items, the PolyBlend® DP Series requires the least maintenance and operates unattended for a longer interval than any other dry polymer feed system on the market.

Dry Prep Models

DP105 – Up to 3.3lbs (1.5 kg)/hr dry polymer @ 0.25%, 30 minute batch cycle

DP110 – Up to 1.9lbs/hr (0.86 kg/hr)

DP500 – Up to 20lbs (9.1 kg) /hr dry polymer based on a 0.75% solution and two (2) batches per hour

DP800 – Up to 45lbs (20.4 kg) /hr dry polymer based on a 0.75% solution and two (2) batches per hour

DP2000 – Up to 31lbs (14.1 kg)/hr dry polymer based on a 0.5% solution


  • Reliable Performance
  • Field Proven
  • Reduced Polymer Consumption
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Operator Interface Controls
  • Improved Safety Features
  • Easy to Operate


An innovative stainless steel “Hollow Wing” Mixing Impeller reduces polymer consumption by providing proper energy at low speed through impeller size and recirculation to prevent agglomerations, while minimising polymer fracture.
Operation is fully automatic – the only task the operator has to perform is keep polymer in the hopper.
The DP Series offers integral controls using the latest technologies.