Pumps Range

The Encore®700 and Chemtube pump

The Encore®700 and Chemtube pump range are well known and widely used in both the Municipal and Industrial water treatment markets for chemical dosing applications. These pumps were originally designed and marketed by the Wallace & Tiernan® Company for many years. We are now manufacturing these in the UK and can also supply all spare parts associated with them.


The Encore®700 is a rugged, heavy-duty mechanical diaphragm metering pump for applications up to 2,400 Litres per hour in to back pressures of 12 Bar 


The Encore®700 Plunger Pump utilises the proven Encore®700 gearbox to meet high pressure applications. It is available in capacities, from 1 litre per hour up to 145 litres per hour with back pressures of up to 200 Bar.

Chemtube pump range - Hydralic Diaphagm Pumps


The Chemtube Pump is a well known and well respected rugged hydraulic diaphragm pump for applications up to 4,000 litres per hour in to back pressures of 14 Bar.


The Encore® EP is available in seven sizes for metering applications up to 14.98 lph with back pressures up to 16 bar. Double-ball valves ensure accurate, consistent dosing. The dosing rate can be adjusted by changing the stroke frequency manually, via external control contact or by using a 0/4 20 mA signal.


Stepper motor driven diaphragm pumps are particularly suitable for highly accurate, reproducible applications due to their design. Most chemicals can be safely fed into the respective processes using these pumps.