Spares & Accessories

Keep your premium quality equipment operating at top efficiency

Water Process Solutions are able to supply a vast range of accessory items to complete any installation of the products we sell.

Offering the most inclusive after sale support in the industry, with genuine replacement parts. We stock for the Encore® 700, Encore Plunger and Chemtube 2000 mechanical metering pumps; All variations of Dry Feeders, PolyBlend® polymer activation and feed systems; Liquid V-Notch Feeders; Varea-Meter® products; and LMI and Seepex® metering pumps.

  • Avoid the hazard and hidden costs of cheap imitation parts. We offer only genuine replacement parts from a large parts inventory with fast delivery.
  • Keep and maintain equipment in good working order by using genuine parts and eliminate equipment breakdowns and costly down time.

We stock preventive maintenance kits for your equipment. These kits contain replacements for those parts most susceptible to wear and/or most often replaced. They facilitate scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

Pump Accessories

Calibration Chamber

Pulsation Dampener

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Suction Demand Valve (SDV)

Back Pressure Valve (BPV)

Injection Fittings


Solution Tanks

Static Mixers

Injection Lances

Packaged Enclosures

Water Process spare Parts