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Our product range.

With three different capacities with WPS-P range, these electrochlorinators can produce up to 400 g/h (9.6 kg/d). These generators comprise of a control panel, power supply, generation cell and blower in a single package.

Ideal for system integrators who require a cost effective solution for developing their own complete dosing package


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WPS offers several types of metering pumps with integrated controls capabilities, including solenoid-driven, mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated and peristaltic pumps for municipal and industrial markets.

Suitable for mild solutions, aggressive chemicals or high viscosity liquids such as polymer and slurries with capacities up to 2500 l/h and up to 12 bar .


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Since its 1972 introduction, our PolyBlend® Series has become a world leader in automated polymer feed systems. Chemists will continue to refine existing polymers and develop new ones, just as they have for more than 35 years. Operators should demand a polymer feeder that can keep up with breakthroughs in polymer technology for years to come. Available for both liquids and powders

Polymer dosing

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For low-capacity, low pressure applications we offer glass tube purge meters with stainless steel frames. Purge meters are specifically designed for purging instruments cases and control lines, and are readily adapted to liquid-level indication, sampling, liquid specific gravity determination and similar applications.  metering both air and liquid.

Target applications are: refineries, oil & gas, power and industrial water and municipal water and wastewater.

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Floating ball cover

Offering incredible versatility, the WPS floating cover is a simple and effective solution for a wide variety of applications with benefits including; heat retention, odour reduction, algae prevention, wildlife deterrent as well as being a robust flexible cover that will not tear or corrode.

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Gas Sensors

WPS now offers a complete range of gas sensors and transmitters including Chlorine and Ammonia. We also offer replacement sensors for transmitters operating on a 4-20mA input.

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