Encore Pump identification

Many customers find themselves with Encore 700 and Encore 100 pumps and have difficulty in identifying the build configuration of the pumps. These pumps can be supplied in many different forms to suit every possible chemical and physical combination required in the application.

These pumps have been supplied to the Market by the Wallace & Tiernan company for over 20 years. They are well recognised as being world class in terms of build quality and longevity. We at Water process solutions now build and supply these pumps from our operation in Kent. They are manufactured from the original drawings and assembled and tested by Ex Wallace & Tiernan employees to the same exacting standards as they were 20 years ago.

In the last 4 years we have been supplying these pumps with QR codes on the gearbox cases. If you have a app on your phone you should be able to scan the code and retrieve the build configuration and spares Kits available for that particular pump.

If your pump does not have a QR code present it will have been manufactured over 4 years ago. These pumps will have a build configuration code on them. These codes will be in a format as examples below:

E7S2CD202BC – codes in this format will be more than 7 years old

E7Q4DDCSDD1 – codes in this format will have produced within the last 7 years

We can de-code these pump configurations and inform you exactly on the Materials of construction for chemical compatibility and physical configuration for capacity and pressure. We can also identify recommended maintenance / service kits for the pump you have.

A comprehensive recommendation for preventative maintenance schedules is included in the Instruction manuals for each pump which can be download elsewhere this web site.

Please complete the form below and we will respond with your configuration detail and spares recommendations with 24 hours.

The picture below is typical of the type of label on the older pumps.

The picture below is typical of the latest configuration label on the Encore pumps.

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Maintenance Kits & Parts

To keep your premium quality equipment operating at top efficiency, Water Process Solutions Ltd offer the most inclusive after sale support in the industry. Genuine replacement parts are stocked for your Encore® 700 and Chemtube® 2000 mechanical metering pumps; PolyBlend® polymer activation and feed systems; Liquid V-Notch Feeders and Varea-Meter® products. Genuine replacement parts not only protect your investment in the equipment, they also offer assurance against failure in critical public-health-related and critical process related applications.

Avoid the hazard and hidden costs of cheap imitations. Water Process Solutions Ltd. offers fast delivery of original-quality replacement parts from a large parts inventory. Use of such parts helps maintain equipment in good working order, eliminates equipment breakdowns and costly down time.

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