About this product

Metal Tube Varea-Meter® units are available in a wide variety of tube sizes and configurations. Metal tube units are available from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″.Varea-Meters units are designed for high volume flows. The advanced design of the float and the tapered tube extends the meter capacity to match that of comparable meters costing much more. The strong steel construction makes these meters suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The straight through Metal Tube Varea-Meter® includes a tapered 316 SS metal tube with flange connections (150 lb raised faced), float, and indicator. Flange material is 316 SS. The tube size are 1/2″ to 1 1/2″.

Key Features

Anti-Magnetic-Particle Float
The extra long float magnet has a reduced flux density and is located above the metering disk. This discourages accumulation of magnetic particles, especially on the disk edge where they can cause errors in indication. Meter design directs the flow into a pattern, which scrubs the float and guides clean. The Varea-Meter® unit is ideal for suspensions and slurries.

No Float Extensions
When the float is at rest, nothing projects beyond the flanges. Spool pieces are not required for installation and a frequent cause of damage when removing meters from a line is gone. In and out piping is vertical.

Reliable Magnetic Coupling
For reliable indication a powerful magnetic linkage exists between the float magnet and the indicator or transmitter magnets. Transmission and indication are reliable even under sudden flow surges.

Easy Conversion From Flow Indication Only To Flow Transmission
The indication unit and the transmitters are independent. A mounting clamp attaches each to the meter tube. The same clamp attaches the transmitter or optional flow switch 180 degrees from the indicator unit. Clearance between any of these units and the tube leaves room for steam or electric tracing.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to install, calibrate and configure
  • Reliable long term performance in gas or liquid service
  • Highly accurate and stable readings for precise measurement and control
  • Stands up to extreme conditions with rugged construction
  • Easily adaptable to fit your exact needs with standard options