The Series 32-055 volumetric feeder is designed to give reliable service feeding various water and wastewater chemicals as well as industrial chemicals. Capacity is 1-850 L/H. The operating range of the feeder is 20:1, but this is extendable to 60:1 by belt position and a stepped drive pulley.

The feeder consists of a variable-speed drive (VSD) in a NEMA 12 enclosure: AC motor with 4 step pulley; and worm-and-worm wheel gearbox.

The feeder features chemical-resistant plastic and stainless steel construction, design simplicity and variable speed control in three arrangements:

  • Manual
  • Start-stop
  • Automatic from a 4-20 mA DC control

The automatic option includes a manual dosage control and alternate start-stop or local manual control.

Key Benefits

  • Dependable and Reliable Feeding
  • Choice of Control Arrangements
  • Economical Feeder Installations
  • Wide Range of Capacities
  • Chemical Resistant Construction