The Series 32-055 volumetric feeder is designed to give reliable service feeding various water and wastewater chemicals as well as industrial chemicals. Capacity is 0.03 to 50 cubic feet per hour. The operating range of the feeder is 20:1, but this is extendable to 60:1 by belt position and a steppeddrive pulley.

The feeder consists of an SCR variable-speed drive in a NEMA 12 enclosure: DC motor with 4 step pulley; and worm-and-wormwheel gearbox.

The feeder features chemical-resistant plastic and stainless steel construction, design simplicity and variable speed control in three arrangements:

  • Manual
  • Start-stop
  • Automatic from a 1-5,4-20 or 1-50 mA DC control

The automatic option includes a manual dosage control and alternate start-stop or local manual control.

Key Benefits

  • Dependable and Reliable Feeding
  • Choice of Control Arrangements
  • Economical Feeder Installations
  • Wide Range of Capacities
  • Chemical Resistant Construction