About this product

The WPS-P range of electrochlorinators is ideal for system integrators. By supplying only the core system, you can source your own tanks and softeners to help keep the installation cost down. Alternatively, we can source and supply everything for you.

With two different systems configurations (WPS-P:S / WPS-P:X) within the WPS-P range of electro-chlorinators the majority of disinfection applications can be treated using a single electrochlorinator. Capacities range from 25 g/h up to 400 g/h.

The fully automatic system produces sodium hypochlorite by passing an electrical current through a low concentration brine solution. The flow of brine is carefully controlled by metering saturated brine solution into an adjustable soft water flow. The system monitors the current in the cell to ensure the correct ratio of brine and water are being used. Mixed Metal Oxide coated titanium electrodes are used to provide the most efficient chemical reactions. As the sodium hypochlorite is produced it flows from the electrolytic cell into the degassing chamber where the hydrogen is naturally ventilated to atmosphere and the sodium hypochlorite exits the system into the storage tank. The process is automatically start and stopped by either level switches fitted to the sodium hypochlorite tank or level sensors which feed a 0-10V signal back to the electrochlorinator. A colour Touch screen HMI provides operators with access to various screens allowing them to monitor the status of the systems, check the trending screen and access the help menus in case of an issue.