About this product

The Series 32-300 Screw Type Volumetric Feeders are designed for the demands of industrial process applications. They meter dry and semi-dry powders and other free flowing materials as well as pellets, flakes, chips, and other difficult materials with reliable accuracy and repeatability.

The heavy gauge steel construction stands up to the stress of long-running, high volume bulk operations. Operation and control are simple and direct. There are only five moving parts. Power from the vertically mounted DC motor is transmitted through a right-angle gear reducer to the feed-screw shaft. A potentiometer on the SCR control sets the feed rate. Automatic control from an mA signal is available as an option. The compound feed screw comprises three screw elements welded to a heavy steel shaft. The interaction of the different size and shape screw elements develops multi-level mixing of the process material. This produces a uniform material density and promotes complete filling of the feed screw flights. Oversize sealed ball bearings support the onepiece, through-shaft at both ends. Interchangeable feed screws and discharge tubes, in six sizes, extend the versatile capabilities of these feeders. The standard 5 cubic foot hopper with steeply sloped sides is designed to promote an even flow of material to the feed screw.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Simple design
  • Convenient controls and readouts
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth handling of difficult material flows