About this product

The PolyBlend® DP Series is the finest dry polymer feed system available by reducing polymer consumption 25% or more while substantially improving polymer performance in terms of sludge dryness, solids capture, water clarity, drainage / retention, or any other measure.

DP 110 Dry Polymer Feed System

It outperforms all other designs in head-to-head trials. PolyBlend® DP systems have an unmatched reputation for reliability. While dry polymer feed systems are notoriously high maintenance items, the PolyBlend® DP Series requires the least maintenance and operates unattended for a longer interval than any other dry polymer feed system on the market.


  • Reliable Performance
  • Field Proven
  • Reduced Polymer Consumption
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Operator Interface Controls
  • Improved Safety Features
  • Easy to Operate


  • An innovative stainless steel “Hollow Wing” Mixing Impeller reduces polymer consumption by providing proper energy at low speed through impeller size and recirculation to prevent agglomerations, while minimizing polymer fracture.
  • Operation is fully automatic – the only thing the operator has to do is keep polymer in the hopper.
  • The DP Series offers integral controls using the latest technologies.