Years of Continued Service

The Encore® 700 plunger pump is a simple to use plunger pump built for heavy duty conditions and longevity. Metering accuracy is achieved by a carefully designed liquid end which enables a full 10:1 turn-down within +/- 1% flow repeatable accuracy. It is available in simplex, duplex and double simplex con-figurations, the latter providing an independent liquid adjustment of both liquid end outputs.


The Encore® 700 plunger pump provides accurate me-tering and transfer of a wide variety of chemicals and is available in four piston sizes (9.5, 19,38 and 50mm).

Unlike solenoid or loss motion pumps, the Encore® 700 plunger pump is driven by a rotating crankshaft, where the eccentricity can be smoothly adjusted during operation. There are no return springs, the diaphragm moves with a simple harmonic motion. The fluid velocity profile is sinusoidal at all stroke lengths; adjusting stroke length simply alters the amplitude of the sine wave. This design provides reliability and longevity and pump valves operate with far greater efficiency and minimal system vibration.

Liquid End

The Encore® 700 plunger pump comprises of a 316 stainless steel liquid end with a high alumina ceramic plunger and PTFE gland packing’s. The PTFE packing is selected according to application and may be supplied as a single chevron or lantern ring arrangement. The combination of materials provides versatility in the handling of a variety of chemicals as well as providing longevity between service intervals.

Precision engineered liquid ends meter chemicals with greater accuracy than mechanical diaphragm pumps.

For greater efficiency, double suction and discharge valves can be fitted. Thereby providing a plunger pump with a high level of accuracy and repeatability, over a wide turndown range and high back pressure.

The Encore® 700 plunger pump is available in two compact drive arrangements: Direct drive or Pulley drive. Pulley drive can provide an additional 4:1 range ability on stroke frequency with a standard induction motor.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient, reliable and smooth discharge pattern through the use of variable non-loss motion eccentricstroke adjustment
  • High metering accuracy even at varying discharge pressures
  • Choice of direct coupled or pulley driven to suit the environment and market place
  • Fast and easy service of valve assemblies withoutdisturbing the suction and discharge piping
  • Choice of configurations—Simplex / Duplex / Double simplex to suit the complexity of the application /site layout restrictions