The Twickenham Plating Group Ltd are a specialist plating business. From their establishment in 1949, they have continually strived to create and sustain quality in service, technically advanced finishes and a commitment to their environmental responsibilities.

Through review and application of ‘Best Available Techniques’ (BAT) within their effluent treatment and process streams they ensure that waste is minimised and falls within consent boundaries set and monitored for the local water authority.
Manufacturing under license from UGSI Chemical Feed, Water Process Solutions offer full system supply and support from their Head Quarters in Kent, UK. Other product lines include; Chemical meter pumps, Chlorine analysis, lagoon and pond floating cover solutions and On Site Hypochlorite Genera on Systems.

“Water Process Solutions have provided an excellent quality and professional service and the new system is working beautifully, as one has come to expect from them.”

Jason Steele of The Twickenham Plating Group

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Maintenance Kits & Parts

To keep your premium quality equipment operating at top efficiency, Water Process Solutions Ltd offer the most inclusive after sale support in the industry. Genuine replacement parts are stocked for your Encore® 700 and Chemtube® 2000 mechanical metering pumps; PolyBlend® polymer activation and feed systems; Liquid V-Notch Feeders and Varea-Meter® products. Genuine replacement parts not only protect your investment in the equipment, they also offer assurance against failure in critical public-health-related and critical process related applications.

Avoid the hazard and hidden costs of cheap imitations. Water Process Solutions Ltd. offers fast delivery of original-quality replacement parts from a large parts inventory. Use of such parts helps maintain equipment in good working order, eliminates equipment breakdowns and costly down time.

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